Introduction: This is part of series I am entitling, “Stoking the Fire by Using the Rainbow Bridge.”  The general idea is that the colors of the rainbow can be used like stepping stones which help people cross over from a lackluster life to living life fully alive. 


The Purple Stepping Stone


So many times in life people let life happen to them, rather than taking control over their own lives.   In some of my previous writings, I talked about how one of the biggest shifts people can make is going from living outside in to inside out.  So many times people never stop to think what it is that they want out of life.  Instead they let other people tell them what it is they should want and do. This almost never leads to happiness, and more often than not, leads to anxiety and depression.

In other words don’t let the WE determine the ME, instead figure out how the ME can contribute and fit into the WE which begins with figuring out how to create a vision for the type of life you want and desire, aligning it up with your reality, and then seeing how it can fit like a puzzle piece into all other aspects of your life.  This is where my other writings Inspired Vision, Inspired Life  (see links below) can help those who may not know what their current vision is for their life as well as the next section that I’ll be writing about and posting tomorrow: Reflection

Getting an Inspired Life Intro (click here)