Introduction: This is part of series I am entitling, “Stoking the Fire by Using the Rainbow Bridge.”  The general idea is that the colors of the rainbow can be used like stepping stones which help people cross over from a lackluster life to living life fully alive. 

Note:  In addition, since this is a forum I use to preview future book topics, much of what I post here is in rough draft form.  Therefore as I’ve continued writing this current series, I am learning that when I turn it into book form, the order of how I present each topic will be dramatically changed. Until then, enjoy each bit and piece itself which still contains a lot of valuable tips and information!


The Blue Stepping Stone


          If people bond over shared interests, then they also have to communicate what those interests are and how they are going to share and experience them.  Communication is the breath of life in any relationship, but it is not always easy.  I have found that one of the number one problems in many relationships is lack of communication.  This is a lack of openness from someone within the communication cycle because they have no desire to see a situation from another person’s point of view, or they deem the other person’s point of view as being invalid.  Another stumbling block that can get in the way of communication is fear. Fear that their voice won’t be heard or their feelings won’t be validated or fear that the wants and needs of both parties will collide rather than harmonize which will cause both parties to have to make some difficult, and possibly undesirable  decisions. Therefore, they would rather avoid the subject and keep holding onto patterns and beliefs that no longer server one or more parties involved.

          As a society we often lock each other into prisons of shame and judgements which leads to stalemates in the communication process. More often than not, I have found that this is due to some deep seeded social obligation and/or cultural beliefs.   What I have found, however, is that stalemates lead to stagnation which leads to depression and the death of one person’s feelings (or the relationship) over time anyway. Even though conversations can be difficult, it is imperative that they be had so that all parties stay open and so that there is nothing to “clog the pipes” of the relationship. Openflow and communication actually create stronger bonds as trust is reinforced and all the needs of all parties are being met.

Challenge: How often do you stop and think about your believes.  Where they came from and if they are (or are not) serving you?