Introduction: This is part of series I am entitling, “Stoking the Fire by Using the Rainbow Bridge.”  The general idea is that the colors of the rainbow can be used like stepping stones which help people cross over from a lackluster life to living life fully alive. 

Know What You Want

Before You Work With Fire and Water

Once the consciousness is cleared, then knowing what you desire comes next.  

What if I don’t know what I want?

The best way to determine what it is you want, is to become acutely aware of your preferences during all experiences you have.  If you have good feelings during the experiences, then that is something you want.  If you have bad feelings during the experiences then that is something you don’t want.

What if I have conflicting views during my experience?

Lets face it.  Not all experiences are black and white.  Many are various shades of grey. You like this about this part of the experience, but not that.  Then it becomes a matter of determining if the positive feelings outweigh the negative ones and trying to devise a plan how to minimize the negative emotions felt.