Introduction: This is part of series I am entitling, “Stoking the Fire by Using the Rainbow Bridge.”  The general idea is that the colors of the rainbow can be used like stepping stones which help people cross over from a lackluster life to living life fully alive. 

Call in the Conductor

Make it Rain

Once the fire is good and stoked, the next step is to call in the conductor of desire by making it rain.  Just as the fire of desire is built from the bottom up, rain is formed top down.  Water of the soul is first formed in the crown chakra which is where a person’s consciousness is stored.  And the sky that we see outside of ourselves is a metaphorical reflection of the consciousness we contain inside of ourselves.   Clouds represent the emotions we store in our consciousness, which can take on the appearance of fair weather, featureless, or storms most fowl.  You can tell what types of rain (and storms) you are (or are not) creating by how you feel. Positive emotions will make the rains feel restorative and life-giving, while negative emotions will create storms that feel life-threatening and invoke fear; therefore (before one attempts to stoke the fires of life and call in the conductor that can help direct those desires),  it is imperative to work on one’s conscious and subconscious states first.  This is where my previous writings on how to begin to access your Highest Potential States can help. 

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Challenge: How often do you stop and ask yourself, “why do I want what I want?”  Then the super challenge would be actually trying to answer the question.