Introduction: This is part of series I am entitling, “Stoking the Fire by Using the Rainbow Bridge.”  The general idea is that the colors of the rainbow can be used like stepping stones which help people cross over from a lackluster life to living life fully alive. 

Spawning the Spark

The Orange Stepping Stone


 The second stepping stone is to spawn the spark.  Spawn means to give birth and rise to. When the spark of life is missing from our lives this is when people usually feel negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression, fear, etc.  To give birth to something is bring forth and to create a connection to (or with) something or someone.  There are four ways do do this:

Physically – through electrical touch.

Mentally – through an almost insatiable, obsessive craving of wanting to learn more about a particular topic.

Emotionally – through connecting heart to heart with another, or others on a shared topic of excited interest.

Spiritually – though connecting to something “higher than yourself,” which often reveals itself in the form of creativity.

When you can connect with something (or several different things – like a puzzle being put together), on all levels, that is when the spark of life will feel its most intense.

Challenge: Ask yourself–How often do I create a connection physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually on a daily or weekly basis?  Is there something I need to incorporate more of in my life in order to create a larger spark or to balance out all areas of well being?