Yesterday I wrote an introduction to my understanding of what Kundalini Fire was to me.  I ended the post eluding to the fact that it is actually the Rainbow Bridge that can help us understand how to spark the flame and fan the fire.   Today, I am going to cover what my understanding of the rainbow bridge concept is.

The Rainbow Bridge– An introduction: 

The rainbow bridge is more of a concept, rather than an actual physical object or place.  Although the physical objects can help us better understand the metaphysical ones, which have also revealed themselves in various cultures from all over the world spanning across distance and time.  

One of the earliest concepts dates back to 1500 – 500 B.C.E, which deal with the chakra energy systems in the body, which finds its way out of sacred Veda texts.  This system basically states that the rainbow bridges is inside of us located as certain energy centers along our spine.

Native and Norse cultures also refer to a rainbow bridge created by the Gods as a path humans (and animals) can take in order to reach heaven.  In Norse Cultures this bridge is referred to as Bifrost and in Prose Edda books of Bylfaginning and Skaldskaparmal, chapter 13 the enthroned figure of High warns that although this bridge is strong, it will break when men of fire attempt to cross it and they will find themselves swimming in great rivers.

The bible, as well,  mentions rainbows seven times and eludes to the fact that rainbows are a symbol of God’s promise to us that we will not be down by these waters of life.  

Yet in all of these legends and concepts one theme rings true: The Rainbow bridge is the connection between man and God–The Divine.  It is how we can cross over into the Spiritual Realm while still here on Earth in our physical bodies.   And we can figure out how to cross by examining and getting to know each color the rainbow holds by using all of our senses: What images do each color reveal? What sounds does each color create? What feelings does each color invoke? What smells and tastes does each color delight us with?  As we explore these questions, and discover the answers for ourselves, we will find that crossing the bridge will be similar to using each color like a stepping stone that will help us cross the drowning waters of life in order to reach the Promised Land on the other side safe and dry.