Stoking the Fire: An Introduction

When I first started doing mediation (and learning about Yoga, back in 2013), I heard the term Kundali–specifically Kundali breath and fire.  It sounded like some elusive mystery, and for me (for many years) it was. Until…recently.

Kundali is said to be the coiled serpent of energy, located at the base of the spine just waiting to be awakened.  For me I have found it to be more of a pilot light just waiting for the right spark. It takes root in feet, legs, and hips.  It finds its spark within the sexual organs, and fans into a flame with the help of cardiovascular exercise–breath. From there it can culminate into a full roaring fire as we make connections with others through our heart center, which seem to act like the wind spreading the warmth across the shoulders creating a current of energy that flows from the shoulders, down the back, through the stomach and  back up again.

The fire seems to be naturally lit and stoked the younger a person is, yet just as naturally (over time, the older we get) the more the fire seems to cool until it eventually burns out.  Like a lot of things in life, we assume this is natural and we just let it happen. Yet I have found that this isn’t the case. I have found that we can be the fire keepers. We can stoke it to be as cool, warm, or hot as we want it to be.  And we can so by looking at the colors of the rainbow and Yoga (selfless service, that what awakens the energy) concepts.

Look for more posts about how to stoke your fire coming up over the next two weeks!

Peace and Blessings!