The Last Characteristic

of Dark Energy

It has to be felt, not seen


If the last characteristic of light is that it is an it has to be seen, the last characteristic of dark energy  is that it has to be felt on an emotional level, not a physical one. In human terms we call this faith.

Faith is defined as a strong belief. And belief is also associated with confidence and trust. Confidence that there is something upon which we can consistently rely upon.  While there are many things in this world that are  constantly changing and evolving, there are still some things in this world that also remain consistent to which we can anchor ourselves to so that we don’t fly “too far off the handle.”   Buddhists (and many other cultures) see this as being the axle in a wheel. As humans we need to experience all parts of this wheel. We need to be the spokes that swirl and fly and ride around gaining experiences and knowledge so that we can grow.  Yet, we also need times where we can sit stable and unchanged in the wheel’s axel watching the world spin around us while we stay anchored in which many faiths call, “the golden rule” – treat other the way you wish to be treated. Or another way to say this is “love one another as I have loved you.”  Love, no matter what culture or class you come from, is something in which I think we can all believe in.  The trick then becomes how to make it super wimpy: collaborative, stable, open-minded, nonjudgmental, and unified.  And while these traits are considered ideal, I have found (at least for myself) the more I practice being and doing these things for myself, the more I am able to practice being and doing those things for others.  And it is the Dark Energy Forces, the Super Wimps who are my role models.



Dark energy is not what we have been lead to believe.  Dark energy, invisible energy–when I see it in my morning meditations looks to me like light dancing on water.  It acts like a mirror. It only reflects back to us what we have collected and are, and that is why most people view it as negative.  So many of us have collected negative, toxic emotional landfills inside of our unseen subconscious and that is why so many people perceive this energy as “the devil” or as “evil.”  I contend that it is not, but we are. The good news is just as a toxic landfill can be cleaned up and restored with a lot of hard work and effort, so too can our own energy and emotional fields, which leads me back to my first book, How to Achieve Your Highest Potential States as well as leads me into my next one The Rainbow Bridge. subconscious