The Fourth Characteristic

of Dark Energy

It’s stable and sustainable


If the fourth characteristic of light is that it is powerful and short-lived, then the fourth characteristic of dark energy is that it is wimpy yet long-lived.  In other words it is stable and sustainable.

Did you know that a popular theory about dark energy is that it is made up of Super Wimps? It’s true!  Super Wimps are massive, invisible, weakly interacting particles which have four of their own unique characteristics:

  1. They help make particles (that can be seen) work together.  In human terms these invisible super-wimp particles may be felt or experienced as “angels, spirit-guides” or other terms.  (Scientifically this may be seen as Neutrinos)
  2. There is an absence of an electrical dipole.  In other words, these super wimps experience more stable, open-minded, nonjudgemental states. (Scientifically this may be seen as Axions)
  3. They create supersymmetry, which unifies all known forces.  In other words, they seek out and find that which is off balance in the world and try to restore peace and balance once more.  (Scientifically this may be seen as Neutralinos)
  4. Even though most humans may experience these beings as “light workers” or “angels” or “spirit guides” they actually emit no light, yet they still interact with those in the light -visible matter.   And as you can see, even though they are invisible they still matter and have a significant influence over things made of matter in this material world.

Challenge:  Ask yourself, have I ever felt or experienced something that cannot be explained or seen?  Consider giving thanks and even be open to developing a relationship with these unseen Super wimps.  I think they crave it just as much as we do!