The Third Characteristic

of Dark Energy

Even though it is antimatter, it still matters!

Even though dark energy can not be seen (which is in science terms is called “antimatter”) it still matters.  And I would argue that understanding the energy that guides and tells our bodies what to do and how to think matters most of all.  It is the sculptor behind the clay, so to speak.  

Using the sculptor scenario: The sculptor first gets a thought  (an invisible energy signal), which then gets put into action,  in order to give a more defined shape to an otherwise unformed object.  

In relationship terms:  Someone creates an energetic vibe that gets sent out (like a radio wave) into the air in which another person’s antee picks up (our spines are basically antees).   As a result, the vibrations either harmonize and jive, or the crash and collide and create chaos. In both scenarios physical results can be seen and provide those involved  with the information each needs to say, “Yes, I like this. I think I’ll participate in creating this signal and attracting these things and experiences into my life again,” or “No thank you.  That was an unpleasant experience. I think I’ll stop creating desires for these experiences and see what other experiences I’d like to have instead.”

Challenge:  After as many experiences as possible, make time to stop and ask yourself this question:  Did I like that experience?  Then, either physically (or mentally), make a note to keep creating those same (or similar) experiences or to stop creating them in order to make room for new ones.