The Second Characteristic

of Dark Energy

It Shows Us What Could Be


Light particles are made from stardust and rocks that have trapped and stored the sun’s energy within its walls.  Therefore when two light particles collide, they show and reveal to us what already is. Yet dark energy is not made from stardust (or anything solid), rather it is  invisible energy that is the building block for a more solid particle. In human terms you may think of light particles as being our actual, physical bodies, and the dark energy as being the electricity and emotions contained within our bodies that tell the body how to build, repair, think, act, and move.  They are the invisible messengers that tell us what we are and what could still be.

Challenge:  Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings today.  Ask yourself: Are my thoughts and feelings guiding me closer towards how I want to think, feel, and be, or way from my dreams and desires?