The First Characteristic

of Dark Energy

It’s an Expander

If light is a wave of potential energy that forms into matter only as a result of two (or more) similarly charged energy waves colliding and bonding together, then dark energy is a similar wave of energy that forms into anti-matter (or dark matter) as a result of two (or more) similar (yet oppositely charged) energy waves that collided and repealed away from each other.   In other words, light collides and bonds.  Dark energy collides and pulls apart.  Yet (as I stated before), it is in this process of pulling apart, were the most grow and highest potential can be produced and reached. Think of it much like an animal who has outgrown its skin (or shell) and needs to move onto (and into) a new one that is more fitting of their current size.

Challenge:  Stop and Think of a time when you were “pulled apart.” Instead of focusing on the pain of an event, try to stand back (objectively) and see the miracle that is waiting to be discovered hidden deep inside the mess. Possible options (but certainly not a complete list) could include some or all of the following:

  • Deeper or feeling more connected to others.
  • Deeper understanding of self.
  • Increased ability to reach out and seek help.
  • Increased empathy.
  • Gain of new (or more) knowledge.
  • Increased Courage.
  • Increased Empowerment.
  • Deeper desire to help others.
  • Increased appreciation for what you do have.
  • Ability to contemplate more deeply.
  • Anger which moved you into action that you wouldn’t have taken without the negative emotion being present.
  • Aggressiveness (or assertiveness) to fight for what is right and/or what you want.
  • A discovery for what it is you do want vs. what you don’t want.