Dark energy, in spiritual terms, represents the subconscious.  That place and space where all information we have ever learned within this life time (and others) is stored. It is the “cloud” of files and documents and pictures and sounds we have collected over time, which we may have categorized and compartmentalized into various file folders. File folders that may have positive or negative connotations.  Dark energy (or the subconscious) also acts like a mirror, or the light on the computer screen. When the files are pulled up, they reveal the content held within them. If there is fear or negativity stored on our files, that is what is brought up and shown to us. On the other hand if the documents contain more positive emotions and states, then that will be what is shown to us.  The good news is that if you don’t like what is showing up in your file system, you can always delete old files that no longer serve you and add in new ones that do.

Also think of all of the data and documents and files you create on a daily basis in reality.  Think of how those files builds up over time. If you don’t take time to clear out and clean up the files, it can become more and more difficult to find and interact with the information stored within it.

In addition think about how many files stay “in the shadows” of those file folders,  and how many files actually make it to the light. The universe, and social media reveal to us that only about 5-10% end up in the light, which means that they are seen by someone else, other than us– either academically, socially, or in the workplace. It is that 5-10%, which equates to our highlight real – the highest, best places and potential that we can see ourselves it.  Those 5-10% moments that hold us together, and make life worth living. But it’s only the contrast (the work behind the scenes) that actually keep us moving forwards.  If we can start seeing the work and contrast in a more positive light (more like a preference rather than a negative force) then we can start to move forward more easily without hesitation. If we can see our subconscious as the place for potential expansion, then we can view the daily grind of researching, learning, creating, producing, and polishing, as a pleasant, rather than unpleasant one.

 Stop and think:

  1. What does your own cloud drive look like.
  2. How is it organized? Clean and neat or chaotic and cluttered?
  3. Are there files you may need to delete so that you can make more room for more helpful ones?