The Last Characteristic of Light

It has to be seen

If the third characteristic of light is that it is an energy balancer, the last characteristic of light is that it has to be seen.  In the spiritual sense darkness represents our subconscious, which is similar to storage files we may have on our computer. The things that are there, but we don’t always think about about or look at. Light represents the physical world – the things we actually see, touch, and interact with.  Sticking with the computer analogy then it could be considered the actual computer itself–the keyboard and screen.  And if we go back to the numbers of how much of the universe is made of light (and also keep in mind our computer analogy) what we see and interact with is actually such a small part of our experience–only about 5%–just the tip of the iceberg. That’s why, if anyone wants to be a true energy worker (and someone who can reach their highest potential), we must work as much as, if not more with, dark energy.  But the term itself, “dark energy” has gotten such a bad rap, which I hope to clear up in my upcoming posts.