The  Fourth Characteristic of Light

Powerful and Short Lived


If the third characteristic of light is that of an energy exchanger, then the fourth characteristic of light is that it is Powerful and short lived.  

Light is, a massive wave of condensed energy.  In human terms that mean that the smaller something is, the more energy it seems to have. As a teacher I see this in children.  The smaller the child, the more energy he (or she) seems to have. They just can’t sit still in class. Yet the larger the child (in general),  the less energy they have – to the point where they may even become sedentary. So it seems the smaller the “packet of energy” the more the energy bounces around.  During this process it is not uncommon for the energy to things apart, and cause chaos before it finally self destructs. In human terms–nothing lasts forever, and the only thing constant is change.  And yet, it is also in the chaos and in the ripping apart and in the change that we are able to expand and grow. Yet, change also seems to be something most humans are afriad of.

Challenge: Think a time in your life when you were afraid of an upcoming change.  Fear usually stems from the unknown. And often before the change is about to occur we create images in our minds about what that change will be like.  During this time it is not uncommon for people to create monsters of anxiety that will have to be confronted and fought before the next door of opportunity can even be opened.

  1. The sooner you face the unknown (fear) the better.   The longer you wait, the more monsters and emotions you potentially create. The larger the monster and emotions, the tougher the battle will be to face them before you can clear them from blocking the door you need to open.
  2. If possible, try not to image what the unknown will look like. Try treating the next unknown more like a science experiment rather than a dramatic movie.  The more you practice just describing (as unemotionally as possible) what is, the clearer the picture you will have, and the more logical you can be when it come to making a decision.
    1. Yes, I like this unknown.  I think I will keep exploring and observing and interacting with it.
    2. Or, “no thank you.  This unknown is not for me.  I think I will stop the experiment now.
    3. Sometimes, however, we are simply thrown into the pool of the unknown, so to speak – such as the case with an unwanted divorce or illness. These situations can be much more difficult to treat as “an experiment” where no emotions are involved.  I have found that going back to the basics of energy work – the 7 tools and 5 habits people use and have to develop their Highest potential, can still be quite beneficial when it comes to dealing with those traumatic emotions that pop up during those times.