The Third Characteristic of Light

An Energy Balancer


If the second characteristic of light is that it is an energy exchanger, then the third characteristic of light is that of an energy balancer.  

While each “energy packet of light,” which can also be represented by us humans, contains a certain amount of potential, it also contains a certain amount of positive energy or negative.  And the more polarized and extreme the charge, the more the person may feel extreme emotions. And experiencing these extreme emotions may feel as though it is literally tearing the person apart. Yet I have found that if a person can accept all of their emotions as being valid, they feel more balanced and at peace.  Since calls this “bouncing in more than one energy field,” which causes an atom (or energy packet) to become depolarized.

I think one of the reasons why people are afraid to become balanced (or depolarized) is that they are afraid that if they let go of their extreme emotions (or energy states) life will become boring and feel dull.  And in some cases this is true. If you let go of too much feeling, it can lead to stagnation and emotional death. When you look at how anything moves something forward (like energy from a battery) the object is pushed forward by experiencing positive and negative states.   Yet the word itself, “negative” has a low vibrational energy to it and tends to cause extreme states of anger, anxiety, depression, etc. I figured out that if I change the word from “negative” to contrasting states, then I was able to keep moving forward in a more discerning way rather than in a angry, anxious, depressed way.  

Challenge:  Consider telling yourself the following matra and actually start believing it:  My emotions are a choice. If I don’t like the way I feel, I can change them by how I choose to see them.