The Second Characteristic of Light

An Energy Exchanger


If the first characteristic of light is that it is a packet of potential energy zooming through space, then the second characteristic of light is that it is an energy exchanger.

If a packet of energy represents one person or thing, then a wave of energy (which is how light behaves– as waves and particles) is when two packets of energy collide, which is where Newton’s Third Law comes in: For every action there is an equal, but opposite, reaction. And the impact that reaction has, is dependant upon the potential energy of each “packet” involved.

Now if a packet it left alone, it releases energy –without getting any energy back. This is what humans understand as getting sick, which can eventually lead to death,  if the person is not able to get any other energy back in return.


Therefore, as humans, we must exchange energy with other “packets.”  We do this by eating, breathing, and interacting with our environment: the people, animals, and many other things that also surround us.  The good news is that if you don’t like your energetic state (if it is too low), because you have not really taken any energy in,  you can  change it by simply taking in more energy.   Again, this can occur through eating, interacting animals, people, and other items in your environment, which is also where the rainbow comes in.  Lower energy states are red, while higher energy states are violet and white.  So one way to change your energetic state,  is to focus on colors and to eat foods that are green, blue, purple, and white. You can also listen to music that contains notes of middle C or higher, as well as interact with others  (people or animals) who have a more positive disposition. The most peace (I have found) is to stay balanced as much as possible – which physically can be seen in greens and blues and in middle Cs. Greens and Middle C are also the frequency and color of love.  And blue represents the breath we use to communicate those feelings.

Challenge:  Take some time to think about the colors, the sounds, the people, and other things that surround you in your physical environments.  Do they lift you up and leave you feeling more energized and alive, or do they leave you feeling tired and “dead?” A simple easy fix for the second half of the question being asked  is to slowly (over time), or quickly, change as much as your environment as possible so that the first part of question rings true. 

Mantra of the Day: I surround myself with people and things that lift me up and leave me feeling energized.