The First Characteristic of Light

Packets of Potential Energy


Before we can discuss the characteristics of Light, first one must be able to understand what light is.  Light contains too many dust particles to count, which are leftovers from previous energy exchanges–such as the big bang.  I like to think of it as ash that results after having a fire. And each ash (or dust molecule) contains a unique packet of potential energy that can only be seen when it interacts with another molecule.  These molecules act like mirrors to each other reflecting back an image of what it is and how it is behaving.  If you think about it in human terms, how do we know who we are…really? We only know who we are (as individuals) because someone looked at us, described us to ourselves, told us stories about ourselves and because we look in mirrors, which reflect back to us what we are.  The neat thing is, as humans, we can accept these stories or create new ones, which leads me to the second characteristic of light…an energy exchanger.

Challenge: Take time to assess the stories others tell you about yourself, and especially the ones you are telling yourself.   Determine if you agree or if you are going to change them.