Disclaimer: As I sit here getting ready to post this blog I am aware of the fact that these “snippets” are meant to be read as a whole book in a series.  And yet, as my purpose for my blog states: this is where I preview, for my audience, content that will be found in those books and future workshops.  Yet, I think someone can still find value in the snippets.   Peace and blessings!  Jennifer

Today’s Post: This week I am writing about how people can change their current reality by changing the electric neuron pathway in their brain, that may have carved out a “dark path”, either from simply thinking negative thoughts (or from having experienced a negative, or traumatic event) by stepping onto a new positive neurological pathway.    

To quickly review, I said that the first step was to know that this is possible.

The second step was to believe (that with time and practice) you can “get off” the negative thought pattern trail and step onto (and carve out) a deeper, more well worn positive one.

The third step is to be consistent when it comes to practicing the habits of accessing your HPSs – Highest Potential States.  And yet, as you do so, you may begin to discover that while you are alone physically (during meditation), other voices (or visions) may begin to reveal themselves to you.  This leads me to step 4 of how to change negative thought patterns into more positive ones:

Step Four:  Get a little help from your friends–either real or imaginary.  

Getting help from “real” friends seems pretty self explanatory–seeking out help from a good counselor, a spiritual teacher (or guide), a friend, or family members.  The not-so-obvious ones may be imaginary.

I was born with mild spina bifida.  And while it was “mild,” it did not affect me (nor my family) mildly.  The extent to which I had to deal with this disability in major (or minor) ways seemed to ebb and flow.  There would be some periods of time when it truly wasn’t that big of a deal, then there would be other periods in my life where it was quite traumatic.    

When I was around ten drastic measures were being taken to try to get some of my medical issues under control.  It was a time of great pain.  And during this time I started developing an imaginary friend–Mrs. Owl.  She was as large as our house.  And at night, when I’d go to bed, she’d pick up my room (which could detach from the house–Remember.  This is the land of imagination, so anything is possible) and carry me all over the world  She would take me on adventures, leaving all of my worries behind and fill me with peaceful happy thoughts before I drifted off to sleep. Even Katherine Applegate addresses this same issue in her novel, Crenshaw.  The quick summary is that a young boy, on the verge of facing homelessness, gets a visit from a large, silly cat who helps him process through his thoughts and emotions during this anxiety-producing time.   I have even heard a pastor say (at one point),  “If God is imaginary, then it’s the best friend I could ever have.”   I also heard of another Spiritual teacher say that since her negative, neural pathway contained traumatic experiences with an absent, alcoholic father, during her meditation times, she’d create a “new” perfect father–the one she never had.  I too have done something similar.  During my morning meditation, I have created a whole “heavenly” world that also contains a “heavenly” family.  And to be honest, they have given me just as much love, and solid advice as my physical friends and family have. Anytime I have a negative experience, I can retreat to that  place of peace and solitude…no matter where I am.   There are several words of caution I would give, however, before practicing building this internal Neverland.

One: Make sure you have cleared all of your shadows first by diligently practicing the 5 habits of Highest Potential.  If you have not practiced taking back your power first (from negative thought-beings),  you may accidentally create a world of nightmare, just as easily (and even more destructively) as you can create a world of dreams and endless possibilities.

Two: Because these worlds are so peaceful (and perfectly created and tailored to us)  it can be easy to retreat into them more and more leaving the “real world” farther and farther behind.  I would argue that it is okay to spend more time there during times of trauma, or after recovering from trauma.  Yet I would also argue that the real goal would  be to find a perfect balance between finding real solutions in the physical world, while using the land of imagination as a place of refuge and support during the healing process.  And the healing process should also include real people such as doctors, counselors, friends, and family members.  The more you face negative experiences and traumas in both worlds. the faster the trauma and/or negative thoughts will end and the faster the new positive neurological pathway can be found and formed.

Challenge: While in meditation, or the zone, allow your mind to wonder and start creating and building your own mental and emotional version of “Heaven” here and now.