So, how does one start “jumping timelines” so to speak so that our yesterdays and tomorrows are better than they were before?  

Step one: Done!  Gain knowledge that it is possible.  This goes back to the introduction I wrote about what the 10 Dimensions are when I mentioned the story, “The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes,” by Margaret St. Clair. (click here to read it, if you missed it)  Where a boy named Herbie is able to make predictions, but can only do so if he knows something about the topic.   Now that you have read these words, you have the knowledge, so you are ready for step two!


Step two: Believe that there is one time line and many time lines both occurring at the same time.  What stops (and blocks) most people is usually one of two things: One, it can be hard to understand (and see) that multiple timelines (and realities) exist in the same place and space if you can’t see them, or that they think all of this stuff is a bunch of crap.   Yet have we not seen in our social media the message of “believe it and you can do it?”  

If you have a hard time imagining , start with what you do know, and build up from there.  Know that accessing these multiple timelines is similar to (if not the same as) dreaming.  

  1. You know that you dream during the night.  You go “other places” and do things with people who may (or may not be) in your current reality.  And yet, you also know your body is still in your bed.  
  2. You know that you can be walking around doing a multitude of tasks, yet at the same time, thousands of thoughts are also zipping through your head simultaneously.  Now, instead of those thoughts being random, try to direct as many as you can the way you want them to go.  Control your thoughts, don’t let your thoughts control you.
  3. Have you ever experienced taking a “trip back in time” or “down memory lane,” when you hear a song, taste a certain food, or see something? In some aspects that is when we are “time traveling.” The memory still exists! 

If skepticism is your block, start by simply opening up the door to possibility.  Start small and build up from there.  

  1. Take something you have negative thoughts and feelings about, then rewrite the story/change the words you use to describe it.  For me it was tomatoes. My mom didn’t like tomatoes, so I didn’t think I’d like tomatoes. Then, one day, I said to myself, I like tomatoes in Spaghetti sauce, maybe I’d like them on a sandwich.  So I tried them, and I did.  After a while, I said to myself, Since I like tomatoes on my sandwich, and I like vegetables better when they are right out of my own garden, perhaps I’d like to grow, and taste and eat cherry tomatoes. So I grew them and tasted them and now I really like tomatoes.  But, the opposite may prove true too -and that is okay.  I tried to do the same thing with beans.  But no matter how many times I tried them (and even liked the taste of them) my body hated them.  This simply let me know what was a solid fact in my world, and which ones weren’t.  Yet, with practice over time, I found (more often than not) there were so many more stories I had been telling myself that were fluid and flexible than there were that were solid facts. The fun is in the exploration of which ones those are.

Challenge:  Think about something you don’t really like, and see if (over time) you can change it into a better one!