02/24/2018 Energy Report –

Trickster Spirits and Such

Introduction– Please note:  This is to be read as a transcript for a Facebook Live Video that will will be giving later on today (2/24/2018). Therefore, there may be some incomplete thoughts.   Thank you for your understanding. And join me next week for my regularly scheduled writings where the topic will be how to work with the energy in the 7th dimension.

Hello Inspire and Illuminators!

It is me, Jennifer Engel

CEO and Founder of Inspire and Illuminate

Which is me just teaching people

How to reach their Highest Potential States (HPSs)


Now normally I would use this time to recap

What I’ve been writing about this past week,

But As you may, or may not have, noticed

My writing has been a bit sporadic.


This is because when I “go quiet” on the web,

What I’m really doing is going deep into Spirit

Or mediation.


This is a period of learning for myself

Or reflecting upon my own life

So that I can use those reflections and lessons

To help others – just as I hope many of you

Will choose to do with what life is teaching you.


And today I estimate my talk will take about  15-20 minutes or so.

I will be reviewing the 5 habits, the 6 dimension, and previewing the 7th. As well as talking about the energy pattern I noticed this past week and what we can all learn from it.


Also, as some of you may (or may not know)

I write down these thoughts at about 3 or 4 in the morning

And then I present them just a few hours later.  Therefore,

I don’t have time to memorize them.


It is my believe that Spirit wants people to share messages as quickly as possible,

But not as perfectly as possible.   And I have found that while it is fun and amazing to watch someone who has memorized their hour-long speech or story, after a while it is as if they are just putting their story on replay- the same story keeps us stuck rather than expanding and growing.


So, I tell my story right away, even if it not perfect and memorized so that I have more room for new information to come in more quickly to share.   


So I apologize if I don’t make as much eye contact with the screen,

As I will be reading from my notes, which is what most newscasters do anyway with teleprompters.


So…I’ve been coming out of the Spiritual closet (so to speak)

That I pick up on energies that can’t always be seen

With the human eye,

But that can always be felt, not with the human heart,

But actually with our spine and in our chest and stomach areas.


I contend that we all have this ability, but that some are just  more open to it

Than others.  Also you have to know this is even possible before you can even do it,

And I believe this is where people are evolving to at this time, being able to move back and forth between from the 4th dimension (where there is physicality and time)

into the 5th dimension (the non physicality and eternity/no time)


Now, I believe there have been (and always will be) people who have been able to do this, but society wasn’t ready for the masses to be able to do it, which is where I think we are headed – for more people accept this is a possibility – rather just stick people into the nuthouse if they say they have these abilities and experiences.  


We see this in our wide, mass, global acceptance of mediation.

We see this in our social media at this time within novels and movies and TV shows

  • Harry Potter, Percey Jackson, so many more.
  • The Good Place and the Bad Place, Sense 8, Time travelers, etc.
  • The past: Quantum Leap…


The thing is we’ve always thought of these books and movies as “fiction” not able to happen, and yet, I am here to tell you that these places are real and to show people how to get there here and now and to bridge the information between far right where new age people talk about rising our vibrations and talking to aliens and using crystals to the far left where people can’t (or don’t even believe) this type of thing exists.   Although, I will probably sound more right than left because that is where I come from.


With that said, just yesterday we were at our first quarter moon for February.  

What that means is that we have been trying to get back into balance, especially after experiencing what we did on February 14th, 2018.  And in order to get back into this balance (and perhaps it is just me, but I have often found if it is happening to me, it is happening to others)…in order to get back into this balance, the challenger spirit (who has many names – some call this spirit “the Devil or the Trickster” has been with us this past week. Now, some people see this Spirit as “Evil” or “Bad” But I think I was supposed to watch a scene from Harry Potter yesterday, that my sons choose – The Prisoner of Azkaban  – because I think J.K Rolling’s Boggart Spirit is pretty close to how I see this Spirit – It is nothing.  It is invisible, but when it comes to you it shows you any garbage or fears you have still buried inside of you.  And so people will see this Spirit as something “evil” because it reflects back to them their fears or insecurities or guilt.   And then that is where it usually stops, because that is all people experience about it.  


But as I’ve been discussing, we can move past this Spirit.


#1) we can recognize when it is with us because we will begin to feel negative emotions and we will have negative thought and we too will begin (in our minds or verbally) accusing others for what is going on inside of us.   IN addition we will begin to see it in our physical surroundings (this past week my boot broke, I kept dropping things, and I got a speeding ticket – which I hadn’t gotten in years) It is very similar to Lovely Bones or What Dreams May Come – when things are going well, the world around us looks and feels wonderful, when we are not there, our physical world literally begins to fall apart. And to be honest, it took me up until this morning, to even recognize that myself.   So, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t recognize it right away.


1B) Another way to recognize these patterns is to keep track of the moon cycles.  Different moon cycles bring out (certain energy patterns/ which we may “see” or “feel” as Spirits) which in turn bring out the lessons we are to work on during that week and time.  So as we move out of the accuser spirit time (where it shows us what we still need to work on  – improve in ourselves) we move into the light of the full moon where if we didn’t take time to recognize it and deal with it the way they do in Harry Potter – ridikulas, expecto patronum, the Rise of the Guardians’ I see what you are here to teach me, you may leave now, I will deal with it….

  • If you didn’t do that (because you didn’t know you needed to – which is where most people are) then those things will be brought into the full light – might get worse so to speak.  That is why people associate “craziness” with the full moon – or where folklore of Werewolves come out – our monsters come into full light if we don’t deal with them in the dark = our subconsciousness.
  • Yet, if you did recognize what it is that is still buried deep down and started handling it, which you can do through the 5 HPS habits I’ve talked about.
    • Meditating/Asking/In the Zone – Scanning and Asking
    • Taking back your own personal power
    • Setting your intent
    • Reprogramming each night/moment :review, edit, replay
    • Doing and reflecting – which I do by keeping dream journals and a list of what I call “yesses, nosses, what I wanted instead sees  and possible solutions”
      • Not every day – just as needed. Or once a week.
      • So, if you DID do that, then when the full moon comes you’ll actually begin to experience the opposite of the negative emotions: joy, contentment, peace, etc.


  • So, my challenge to you today is to stop, think, and reflect
    • How did your past week go?
      • If it went well, awesome!  Keep doing what you are doing!
      • If it didn’t go back and practice the 5 habits this weekend. And keep doing it into next week so that when the full moon comes, you “crop” will be ripe and beautiful and abundant. Rather than withered, diseased, and full of worms.


  • Also, join me this upcoming week as I talk about accessing the 7th Dimension – which is the place where we can begin time traveling and collapsing and rewriting the past. NOT physically, but mentally – and that is where it matters the most.  For memories are not stored in this physical time space reality, they are stored in our minds and a memory or a belief is just a thought we’ve had for a really long time.  So, if you don’t like the thoughts you have about your past, you can change them.  Again, we are not denying the physical experiences ever happened, but we are saying, “that doesn’t define who I am today nor how I want my current story to play out.  And there are 6 steps on how to “rewrite” or repgoram a long-term held belief or memory.  So just to review:
    • The first dimension (which is one thought) is that anything actually IS possible – I called it the point of possibility.
    • The second dimension is where we choose one of the many possibilities, which in this case is do we wake up and become aware of these patterns and things we need to work or, or do we “stay asleep?”  Do we take control of the environment, or let the environment control us?
    • The third dimension is where we put our thought or choice into action.
    • The Fourth dimension is the point of impact – how did our choice and action impact us, and those around us, over time?
    • The Fifth dimension is land of energetic play – where we do those 5 habits I just talked about – reflecting upon our choices and what we will continue to do or change so that things turn out even better.  
      • Also the 5th dimension is where our choices and reflections are more short term – here and now. (yesterday, now, and tomorrow)
    • The Sixth dimension is where things start to get a bit more advanced and can be confusing – where all things exist here and now – I talked about how it is like the Movie Groundhog’s day (read it)
    • Which brings us to the 7th Dimension where we can go back and charges those timelines – all it is an energetic/ neurological path – so, you can actually change the memory.   And again, we are not denying negative experiences and traumas ever happened, but we are saying this is not how my current of reality will play out.   Ready Player One – the game resets at midnight and each day you have the opportunity to continue to fight demons and monsters, or you can say – I now know how to avoid them.   Which is what I’ll be writing about this next week: Six steps on how to do that.
  • Join me next week as I review those six steps on Facebook live (and all of this I’ll be putting into a book this summer) and turning into workshops online (and hopefully) in person – which I can’t 100% say when that will happen, but hopefully sooner rather than later.
  • I hope this message has inspired someone today, so that you can use it to inspire others.


Peace and Blessings!  Jennifer