The Seventh Dimension

Groundhog’s Day


If the sixth dimension is, “The Land of Parallel Timelines” then the seventh dimension is similar to the movie Groundhog’s Day where Bill Murray plays Phil who wants to get out of Punxsutawney as fast as possible, but a snowstorm keeps him trapped after the town’s Groundhog Day festivities.  Each morning he begins to find that he is waking up to the same exact day over and over and over again.  Later on in the movie, as he tries to tell Andie MacDowll’s character (Rita), what is happening to him he says something to the fact that, “either this is happening, or I am God” as he goes on to tell her about every person and every moment that is about to happen around them.  challenge

The linear timelines and patterned pacts of time that humans have created tick away… marching us forwards towards some end goal, and as it does the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we agree upon, as a society march with them. And yet, there are a few people who choose to march to a different drummer, who stray off the beaten path in order to see if there are other stories out there just waiting to be told and heard and seen.

The seventh dimension is not only were all timelines and possibilities that have ever been exist, but it is also where a person can begin exploring, collapsing, and rebuilding new ones.   It is this dimension where Spirit Guides, the Mandela effect, and deja vu come from.

Technically speaking, we are all in the 7th dimension.  It is simply a choice of weather a person is aware of it or not, and if they believe in such things (or not).  Belief, as the movie Polar Express taught us, plays a big part in weather or not we think we can (or can’t) see or hear something that may be “unbelievable.”  Henry Ford taught us, “weather you think you can, or you can’t, you are right.”

The seventh dimension is where we begin making quantum jumps – it’s just that the changes are so small that most of us don’t even recognize they are occuring.  It is similar to watching a child, or anything else, grow.  When it first starts out, a person notices big changes.  Yet, over time, when you sit and stare at it- nothing much seems to happen.  Then, one day, you get out ruler and say, “Holy Cow!  Have you grown!”  

Another way to look at it is to sit back and think about who you were 5,10,15,20 years ago….Are you the same person? If the way you think and see the world is the same, then I would argue you haven’t jumped (or changed) much.  Yet, if you have – then you too are quantum jumper.  And the more someone is aware that they are, the faster they can go and the larger the changes they can make.

So, how does one start “jumping timelines” so to speak so that our yesterdays and tomorrows are better than they were before?  Join me the rest of this week as I walk you through each step!

Peace and Blessings!