The Sixth Dimension

The Land of Parallel Timelines


If the fifth dimension is “The Land of Energetic Play,” the sixth dimension is, “The Land of Parallel Timelines.”   A difficult concept to understand is that ALL timelines that have been, or will be, are occuring now.

Most people think they are stuck in one linear reality, science fiction assumes that a complex machine must be built in order to get anywhere else – other than here.  The truth is that timeline jumps (and reality shifts) are available here and now.  The only reason a person can’t get there is simply because they don’t know they can.  If you don’t know something exists, it is unobtainable. That is why education and knowledge is so important and why many people in power don’t want others to have it. If you know something, you can obtain it on your own–no others needed.

I’ve been saying for years that we humans live in a world of juxtaposition where two seemingly opposite things can coexist in the same place and space and both be valid thoughts and experiences.  For example, you can experience two (or more) feelings at the same time –you can love someone and be mad at them.  Both feelings coexist in the same place and space, and even though logic may tell us that one feeling would cancel out the other, this simply isn’t true.

We live in two very different realities. The physical, linear reality (which all people are aware of) and the nonphysical–the place where all possibilities and realities, yet no time exists. Most people call understand this place as  “The Land of Imagination.”  

The physical world is used to solidify and show us how we are doing internally.  If we can not see our dreams (and yes, sometimes even our nightmares) manifested, how can we ever truly know how we are doing?  The problem is most people don’t know (or have forgotten) that they are the creators of their reality, which  has opened up a huge can questions that many people on earth at this time, (including myself) are here to try to help people understand. Creator-Source hears the cries of people who are in pain and has flooded the Earth with so many spiritual leaders and guides to help those who are open to listening and receiving.

The other problem is that while you are creating your own reality, you are not alone.  You live with, and/or are surrounded by, other co-creators.  

The way that I understand it is that we are like walking magical wands casting spells and curses and creating magic, yet (many of us) have no clue what we are doing.  So there is some “bad stuff” “leaking out.”  That’s why you may experience something that you did not directly create. It is similar to driving.  More often than not, you are able to drive around just fine.  But once in a while someone else’s bad decision causes them to crash into you, or your bad decision causes you to crash into someone else.  But for every person of every culture of every socio-economic class, there are spiritual leaders so that people can learn about “spiritual-vehicle” safety – so to speak.   And that is where the other world in which we live in  (The Spiritual-Vibrational one–which most people understand as imagination) can help.  The problem is that people are told to “grow up” and “stop dreaming,” so they forget how to gain access to the very thing that could dramatically improve their lives.

So, how can you start accessing this Land of Imagination once again (if you have forgotten how to get there?”

  1. Take up a creative hobby, even if you aren’t creative.  – Like learning anything else, the more you practice using your creative mind, the better you will get at it over time. Try a variety of things, until you find one you like.
  2. Meditate – Get quite.  Shut out all other sensory experiences (close your eyes, turn off lights and noise) and just breathe.  Again, start small – One to five minutes, and build up from there.
  3. Exercise UnPlugged.  Try leaving your tunes at home when you hit the gym or go for a run.  Many times you’ll get into a zone – where the rhythm of your heartbeat and breath and the steps you are taking all seem to line up – see where your mind goes, or what you think about during this “flow” time.


Challenge: Think about or keep track of how many times you allow yourself to wander into the Land of Imagination.  Let go of guilt, sit back, relax, and enjoy!