The Fifth Dimension

The Land of Energetic Play


If the fourth dimension is that of time, then the fifth dimension is that of imagination.  In some aspects it is similar to the point of possibility.  In the second dimension point of possibility there is a physical, tangible choice.  The fifth dimension is the realm of energic play where time and physicalness does not exist–nothing is solid, confined, or bound.   Everything can flutter and change in an instant. Yet there is no anxiety to this change, as there may be in the second dimension.  Since everything is energetic, there are no real consequences– as there would be in the second.  The fifth dimension is the realm where we can try on different outcomes and experiences before we actually pull them into the physical third dimensional reality.

Challenge of the Day:  When faced with a choice, go into meditation or the land of imagination.  Try out various scenarios and outcomes and see which one feels the best.