The First Dimension

The Point of Possibility


The first dimension is simply a singular point of  possibility.  It is the place and space in which a person stands just prior to making a decision.  It is the dot at the end of a question mark.  I am hungry, what do I eat?  I am lonely, what should I do?  I am bored, how do I entertain myself?  It is the nonphysical place and space one stands in just prior to taking action.  Action which creates a physical, tangible (able to be seen) results.   And I would argue that it is the actions of obtaining physical results, and interacting with them, that make us feel alive–full of energy and excitement.  Which is where the second dimension comes in…

Challenge: Over the next day, or week, pay attention to as many decisions you made about choices you faced as much as possible.   Ask yourself, did that choice make me feel alive? Then, focus all of your thoughts and energy around obtaining things that did, or that you feel would, and ignore (or do not waste your time and energy on things) that do not.