What are Dimensions, Anyway? 

When I first started hearing about Quantum jumping and multiple dimensions it sounded like something from some 80s science-fiction show or something that only the most advanced scientist held the secret, complicated mathematical keys to.  And yet even scientists and mathematicians  can’t even  seem to be able to find these allusive dimensions, even when they attempt to build the most complicated pieces of machinery to do so.   Yet, humans often make things so much more complicated than they need to be.  A dimension is simply a space and place from which someone is able to choose a desired direction.  This space and place then can be anywhere, and everywhere. It can be in your mind’s eye in the form of imagination, desires, dreams, and fantasies.  It can be standing in your closet deciding what you want to wear that day, or at the coffee shop or restaurant as you are trying to determine what beverage to buy or food to eat.   And sometimes these dimensions, these spaces and places from which to choose from, are as simple as only having to decide upon one choice (which is where the first dimension begins) all the way up to being able to see multiple worlds, timelines, rules, and laws (the 9th dimension) and where all of these points of possibilities collapse back down into that singular point once more (the 10th Dimension).

To get the best use of out this these teachings (that will be coming up throughout the next few weeks) is to read and digest one concept at at time.  Then play with that one concept over the course of a week, or any other set of time that feels most comfortable to you, and envision each dimension as a new imaginary friend with whom you delight in playing and exploring and sharing experiences with.