Follow Your Instinct Forward and Flow


As you begin practicing trusting your own instincts more and more, you’ll being finding yourself in what society is now calling “flow states” or “the zone.”   Flow is when you get so much joy and energy from performing a task at hand that time, natural needs, and all others (unless you are working with others) seems to cease to exist.  And at the end of performing the task, you feel a sense of accomplishment, pride and purpose.  

Another way “Flow” may be experienced is that once you’ve set your intention for the day, you may realize that not everything on your list got done on, or in, the exact time you anticipated it, which can lead to anxiety at times.  But, if you let go of your expected time frame and place your trust in letting the Universe handle the time frame, you will often find that everything gets done exactly when, where, and how it should.  And if you actually sit back and reflect upon it a week (or so) later, you’ll probably find that even more got done and more people were helped than you originally anticipated.

A third way flow can be experienced is as a stream of thought that seems to be coming into the third-eye space from some other time, place, or dimension  as thoughts, images, feelings, or words from another higher being. This is actually where all of my writings come from.

Challenges of the Week:

  • Save your set intended schedules for the week.
  • Keep a tally each day for one week how many times you felt “in flow,” “in the zone.”
  • Save one day a week where you reflect how many times your day went as you planned, vs. everything you wanted to get done actually got done, but perhaps in a different order and time than what you originally had planned.
  • Bonus: make a list or reflect upon all the extras (tasks or people you met and felt you helped) that popped up that you weren’t even expecting.

Clarification of Terms and Concepts:

The Zone: The third eye space in which, when focused upon, and open, seems to send in images, thoughts, or feelings that seem to be coming from another time and place–an outside non-physical coach. (God/Source/Higher Power/ Higher Self)

Flow: The images, thoughts, and feelings that seem to flow out of the “zone” or third-eye space into actual action and/or physical manifestations.

As you being to trust your own instincts, more and more you will find yourself “in flow, which comes from being in “the zone” –meditating upon and opening up the third eye space (pineal gland area).  Everything then flows from there into actual action and manifestation.  

  • Picture it like a movie projector: the pineal gland is the lense the thoughts, images, and feelings that come out is the light that then projects itself onto a screen.  The actual movie that then plays are the actions you take in order to manifest that which you desire. The rest of what we’ve been talking about is that you are all parts of the team.  See yourself multidimensionally or as multiples of yourself.  You are the projector, you are the movie, you are the actor, you are the director, you are the editor, you are the critic. You are the studio who decides if you want to continue to make sequels or to go in a different direction and/or play out or produce multiple “feature films.’   And that is where my next book will lead us–Understanding multiple dimensions and roles.