Can You Trust Your Instincts? 


Instinct – an alertness that awakens a craving, hunger, or desire that is so strong it moves someone (or something)  into action in order to put an end to the feelings of emptiness.   Or another way to put it would be a feeling of such great emptiness, within ourselves (or others) that it moves us towards action of filling a  perceived void.

Instincts stem from lack, either physical lack (I am hungry, or I will eat), mental lack (I am missing information that I need to learn), emotional lack (I am lonely so I will phone a friend or set up a profile on dating website/app), or spiritual lack (I do not feel connected so I will go to a place of peace and/or worship).    


There are other times when Source will call upon you to be its hand and feet as an answer to put an end to the feeling of emptiness in another either physically (you have a strong desire to donate money or resource to a friend or charity), mentally (you feel a strong need to teach someone something), emotionally (you feel a strong desire to call/text/or e-mail someone), or spiritually (you feel a strong desire to pray for or spend time with someone who may be suffering).

Most of the time it will be obvious where these instincts are coming from and they will be so natural the actions to satisfy the lack will just flow naturally, and almost unnoticed.  But then there will be other times when the instinct seems so unnatural, bizzare, and almost weird that you begin to doubt them, question them, make lists and analyze them, which is not wrong.  But many times, more often than not, you can trust your instincts.  And, if you feel as though you can’t, go back to your three questions: Will this make me and others around me more or less happy/content?  Will this make me and others around me more or less functional?  Will this give me, and others around me, more or less energy?

Challenge of the Day: Take a day to play and explore your own impulses…your own cravings, feelings of lack, and desires.  

Solution of the Day: If for some reason, the feelings of lack are so strong that it creates a deep anger, sadness, loniness, or any other negative feelings inside of you, go into meditation (either traditionally, physically {through exercise}, or by getting into the zone by doing a hobby) and then practice the 5 habits all at once:

  • Take back your personal power. Ask the negative feeling what it is there to teach you? Give it thanks, and then tell it, “I have heard your concern.  I will take care of it.  You can leave now.” (click here to read more) 
  • Reprogram: Review, Edit, Reply– Review in your mind what you were thinking and/or doing just before you started having the negative emotion.  Then, edit the mental movie in your mind.  Keep the stuff that was going well, delete the stuff that wasn’t and replay the new movie that you wish to see play out next time, or as soon as you come out of meditation/ the zone. (click here to read more) 
  • Set your intent and focus on the positive feeling you do want, rather than one you had. Get help if needed either by watching or listening to something that invokes the desired feeling or ask a friend or family member if they can help you. (click here to read more) 
  • Give thanks to the new feeling, friend, or family member who help lift your mood. (click here to read more) 
  • Which leads us into our next section: Flow into the new feeling and enjoy “Spirit Time.” (click here to read more)  Also join me tomorrow for more about this “Spirit time” topic.