Learn, Try On, and Analyze


 When I was a child, I used to say to my mom, “I’m bored.” Now, my eight year old will often times say that to me.  When I was younger, the only things I had to entertain me were people and objects that were  directly in my physical reality.  Computers were just really being invented.  There was no such thing as the internet, and television (while it did cover some national events) was still pretty localized and specialized specifically for the caucasian culture, which I am a part of.   


Now my eight year old is surrounded by a rich tapestry of various languages and cultures and has access to the whole world in the palm of his hands.   In fact one way people can know they are expanding is that a wider and wider variety of people and experiences begin to pop up in their reality. Sometimes there this is a delicious curiousness with these encounters, sometimes there is a comfortability, and other times it can be a bit uncomfortable and awkward.  No matter the feeling, each encounter is a chance to expand.  A chance to say, “yes, I liked this experience or new idea,”  or “while that idea (or experience) is interesting and new, it is not for me.”  


Part of what it means to become, the ATOM (creator of new beings and worlds), the “CHRIST,” (the light, the truth),  the White Buffalo CALF (messenger of death and rebirth) is to learn new things.  Try these experiences and ideas on like a piece of clothing.  See how you look in the mirror with them on and make a decision.  “Yes, I like this – I think will buy it and make it a part of my own thoughts, actions, and habits,” or “While this was an interesting experience, it doesn’t quite fit me right.”


Movement makes the world go round, while stagnation leads to death: Either physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.  We are constantly curious beings, who like ATOM,  want to be a bit agitated so that we can split and create new worlds of experience.  

Challenge of the Day:   If you feel as through your world has lot a little (or a lot) of color, try something you normally would not.  Talk to someone who is very different from you, watch a show you normally wouldn’t watch.  Go somewhere you normally don’t’t go.  Even the sky is not the limit.