Clean Up Your Emotional Well & Be Aware

People can start to become SELFish, and start seeing what is already in front of them, by first cleaning up their emotional wells.  This can be done by going back and reviewing and reflecting on how consistently and diligently you are (or are not) practicing Habit #1 – Taking Back Your Own Power, as well as practicing Habit #3 – Reprogramming your days by reviewing how they went, editing them, and replaying them back in your mind.  Sometimes it is good to take things out of world of imagination and visualization and make it real in this physical world.  Consider making a chart and keeping a journal of  Yeses, Nos, Wish for Insteads and Possible Solutions.  Let’s face it.  Just as someone can’t go to a river or park that has been polluted and expect to just wish or visualize it clean, the same is true for our own lives.  At some point we have to stop wishing and dreaming and actually do something about it. Bellow is an example of a chart you could create in order to start thinking about what steps to actually start taking next.