Now that we can see our SELF

See the now

Enjoy the now

Listen and

Flow Forward…..

Last week I wrote about, and we learned how to walk with ourselves, and Source, by opening up doors of curiosity and possibilities to see what is already waiting for us in our heart wells.  Now it is time to learn how to run towards those SELFish dreams by remembering who we really are.
Many times, people are looking for someone, or something, outside of themselves that will save them.   While this isn’t wrong, it still places that person’s personal power into someone, or something else’s, hands.  

On one hand, this is true.  There is a power a source that is so much more amazing and greater than we are.  And yet, on the other, we begin to realize that this same power also exists within our own being– as well as in and around everything.  There is a constant delicate, balanced dance of expansion and collapse occuring in every moment.  This becomes most obvious as we experience day and night–dream time vs. waking time.   And it is my experience that once we start having a real relationship with this Source, and also seeing the power of that source within us (as well as around us), once we start seeing that we have access to that power now, not at some later date when we die, that is when we can reach our full Highest Potential. And we can do this by seeing ourselves as CHRIST, as the White Buffalo CALF, as ATOM.   This week I will be using three terms as mnemonic devices that can show us how.   These are the three stories that were given to me (as well as many, and all, others) in order to understand the concept I am about to teach.  And even though they appear to be very different stories from very different cultures and perspectives, there is a similar theme to them all: surrender leads to salvation.   Work with this powerful “current” reality Life Source, and you will begin to discover your own.

Since I did not want to repeat this same story three different times, I created a chart.  The chart summarizes how I see and used each mnemonic device, while the numbers next to each row will be the deep dive explantion that will be found later in the week. Each day I will write about and deep dive into one of concepts: