Introduction: This week we’ve been discussing becoming SELFish: Seeing who you really are and what is already waiting for you, Enjoying what you already have, Listening to and trusting your instinct, which leads us to today’s topic: 

F – Follow Your Instincts Forward and Flow


As you begin to play with, and begin to build a relationship with your Internal Source Positioning System (ISPS), you will begin to realize that you can trust it.  It will lead you to your dreams and desires.  First as thought, dreams, and possibilities – pictures formed in your mind.   Which then turn into feelings of hope and anticipation and excitement. Which then turns into a journey leading you towards the physical manifestation of those dreams and desires in real life.  This manifestation may happen quickly, or it may take a while.  Either way, you can  enjoy the journey; try to be patient.  Dreams are like seeds. First they must be planted and tended to, cared for, loved. Given room to grow. Don’t dig up the apple seed and eat it before it has had a chance to grow and produce a bountiful crop in which there will be more apples ready than you could possibly eat, and have to share so that all the fruit is consumed and not wasted.

Challenge of the Day:

  • Dare to dream.  What can you see in your mind that is just waiting for your return?16B