L – Listen


As you begin to take back your own personal power, as you begin to set your intent for the things you wish to experience and have in your life, as you begin to review, edit, and replay your day(s), as you begin to practice positivity and letting go,  you will find yourself in the “current,” flow of reality.  And it is in that flow state that you will begin to see what is already waiting for you in “your well.”  In fact I would argue that someone doesn’t even need to be “in flow” in order to know what those items are.  Items in your “well” or “in your mind’s eye” are the things you allow yourself to dream and fantasize about.  They are the “what ifs”  and the “if I onlies.”  Yet, if you begin to enjoy them, as if you already have them, you’ll begin to see them in your reality.  And if you enjoy them now, in your mind (but you feel as though they are still waiting for you in some distant future) you can still access them.  Just be open to listening for, and receiving, an image or a feeling of what you need to do next in order to get there. The clues are all around you at all times.  Many times we are not open enough to receive them, or we don’t believe it is possible, or we look for someone else to help satisfy our desires.  Yet all we really need to do is understand that they are already there waiting for us to discover them, sitting in the heart of our own personal power that we are practicing taking back and keeping. This doesn’t mean that we can not share our power, it simply means we will no longer divide it or give it away.  It also doesn’t mean that  we won’t have others in our lives with whom we each help manifest each others’ desires.  It does mean, that whether we have someone (or not), we can still manifest every dream and desire we have on our own and be happy on our own doing so.  It does mean that other people in our lives will be the delicious extras we get to experience in addition.  When we approach life from this vantage point, (rather than from the viewpoint that only others can make us happy and/or can give us what we want and desire) life becomes so much more abundant and we will have so much more to share.  This is because we will already be so full that what we have spills over, rather than leaks out.  

Challenges of the Day:

  • Be open to, and trust your impulses and instincts.


  • Dare to dream.  What can you see in your mind that is just waiting for your return?