Now that we have our tools and habits in place, it is time to actually start practicing anchoring and  holding onto our Highest Possibility States (HPSs)  in all situations and scenarios.   

Learning how to anchor in and hold a Higher Possibility State is a lot like learning anything new.  Becoming an expert doesn’t just happen all at once.  It takes dedication and practice.  It takes mastering basic skills before one can move onto the more difficult ones.  It takes baby steps before one can learn how to run.  And we do this by becoming SELFish.

S – See What’s Already in Your Well

Seeing what is already in your well reminds me of a story from the bible: John 4 (lines 1-38). I am not going to quote the exact wording  here, you can look that up on your own if you are interested enough.  What I am going to do is retell it in a way that God-Source told it to  me.

The premise (through my own understanding) is that there in an “undesirable” woman who has to “sneak” to the water well in her town when no one is around.  She does this because she doesn’t’ want to get judged by, or get shit from,  others.  Hearing this story told, in the way God-Source interpreted it to me, helps me better understand what it means to see what is already waiting for you in your own well.  The well in this story is symbolic of your own heart which is  where you keep all the dreams and desires you have ever had.  Some people have seen some of these dreams materialize.  Some people view these dreams as unobtainable.  But I can reassure you, they are there.  Protected, waiting patiently for you to return.  

John 4 Retold

The haters

heard that truth was coming.

Truth was gaining

and freeing

more and more people

each day.

Truth did this

by going right into the heart

of each person..

…especially to

the dark areas of the heart

people had created

by seeing themselves as






One day,


sat down with one woman

in particular.

A Woman who saw herself

as this







Each day she went to the water cooler,

and those standing around

would look at her with judging eyes,

and make snide comments

that broke her heart

and her spirit.

Truth came to her

and asked her,

“Will you let me see

what is in your heart?”

To which she replied,

“Why would you want to see

my broken






Are you not someone who is




and loved by all?

To which Truth answered her,



so are you.”

To which the woman scoffed,

“Sir, what you say about me

is far from the truth.

There are no tools that can fix

what which is broken and undesired…

…and who do you

think you are

that you could fix it

for me?”

To which Truth answered,

“My name is Truth,

and the real truth is

that you were never






The Truth is

that those were just words

that those who do not know Truth

used against you,

and that you choose

to believe.

The Truth is

a belief is just a thought

that you’ve held for a very long time.

The Truth is

you are a child of the God high;

therefore you are always,




and loved.

Perhaps not by all,

but by that which matters most

and by those who really know me,


Indeed the knowledge I give to those,

who know me,

is the same knowledge that I am giving to you:

that you always have been

and always will be



wanted, and loved

by the One who matters most,

by me,

and by those who know me.

To which the woman replied,

“Sir, I would like to get to know you

so that I never



Truth Continued,

Go, now, call your husband,

Call that part outside of yourself

that love you feel you do not already have,

to come back.

After hearing Truth speak,

she replied with a downturned,

humbled head,

“Sir, I now know

I lack and need nothing

outside of myself.”

To which Truth replied,

“You are correct when you say,

I lack and need nothing

outside of myself;

and yet,

you have searched for and found in others

for a short while,

the “missing parts” of yourself.

And yet

it was only a short-term fix

for the Song of lack and loneliness returned.

For you have forgotten

what is already

in your own heart.


The moral of the story is see what is already in your heart,  what can never be taken away (the knowledge that you always have been, and always will be whole, desired, wanted, and loved by the One who matters most and by those who know Truth) you have to see yourself in the same light as well, and say to yourself (as the woman in our story now does):


I used to give my attention and energy to

people who claimed

that the only way Truth could be found

was outside of myself.

Now, I give my attention and energy to

the One who sees me as I have always been:




and loved.

And no one

can take that knowledge away from me


I won’t let them.

No matter how they look at me,

or what they say.