Practice Letting Go and Flow


Perhaps in life you have tried to run up the down escalator.   It is possible, but it takes more work.   And water, or a loaf of bread, that does not have access to air…molds, stagnates, and deteriorates.  While there are somethings in life that are worth hanging onto (like daily habits that allow us to be more functional) there are just as many things we need to let go of in order to reach our highest possibility states.  We can imagine ourselves as wheels that have an axel that keeps us centered, yet at the same time visualize we are also the spokes which keep turing us towards our desired destinations.  

The more you start implementing the five daily habits (taking back your power, setting your intention, reprogramming your experiences, practicing positivity, and practicing letting go) the more you are going to start finding yourself in flow – in a state that moves along with life easily and almost effortlessly. Yet the opposite can also be true.  The more you practice hanging on too tightly to habits and ways of thinking that hold you back from accessing your highest possibility state, the more difficult and demanding life will seem.

So how do you let go and flow?


  • First you must be consistent with setting your intention for the day.

  • Second, you must be aware of how you are feeling throughout your day. You may have one item on your calendar, or list, that you wanted to get done at a certain time.  And you envisioned getting it done a certain way, yet, when that time came, you found something else popped up and/or you didn’t have the energy to complete the task(s).  Let it go.   

  • Say outloud, or to yourself, “I’m turning my worry and fear over to…then insert a word that makes sense to you: Jesus, Allah, the Divine, God, Source, The Universe, etc.

  • Then mentally picture actually handing over something that represents your fear or anxiety or anger over to that person or thing (putting it on a boat and having it sail off, putting the fear, anger, and anxiety into a balloon and letting it go.  Taking a crap and flushing it down the toilet. Putting it into a video game and shooting it until it doesn’t exist anymore.  It doesn’t have to be some sacred image.  It just needs to be an image and visualization that makes sense to you. 


The more you practice letting go of negative emotions and experiences and flowing towards the more positive ones that already await you, the more you will find yourself in your Highest Possibility State.