• Practice Positivity



Positive attitudes, and a positive perceptions, create positive possibility states.  It is that simple.  And yes, just like anything else in life, some people will be more positive than others. But just like all others skills, being positive is a choice and a skill that can be learned.  Now this doesn’t mean you have to be positive all the time, but it does mean that the more positive you are, the more positive experiences you’ll begin to have.  And you can use the programing steps listed in the previous section to also create more positivity when you are not feeling so peppy.  But also check and keep up with your physical health, which has huge impact upon your mental and emotional states.  For many years I ignored a low thyroid level, but once I actually opened up my mind and started taking the medication, as well as working past blocks that were not so fun to figure out the right dosage, it made a huge impact upon leaping towards my highest possibility states.  That combined with what doctors have been telling us for years: eat right, exercise, drink water, and get sleep can do wonders.

Shifting Negative States:

  • When experiencing a negative state, ask your body what it needs in order to heal?  
  • Wait for the answer.  It may come as a thought or visualization or an intuition that you “just know.”
  • Then, give yourself that fix.

Note: Now, I just talked about eating right and exercising, but sometimes your “fix” will go against what I just said.  your body may say, “eat junk food” or “go to sleep.”  I have found that life is a lot about balance.  Have fun, but not too much fun so that you are distracted from what you need to do.  Eat right, but don’t deprive yourself to the point where you become unbearable to be around because you are telling yourself you can’t have what others are eating.

Question: How do I know if the fix is working or is actually good for me?

Answer:  Go back to the questions you should ask yourself as you have any experience–

  1. Did the fix make me, and others around me, more happy or content?  If yes, it worked.
  2. Did the fix make me, and others around me, more or less functional?  If yes, it worked.
  3. Did the fix give me, and others around me, more or less energy?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then consider giving yourself the opposite of what you thought would fix the problem.  For example:

  • If your fix was to eat junk food and binge watch shows.  The fix would be to try a mini fast or to eat healthy and take a walk or hit the gym.
  • If your fix was to listen to sad, depressing, or angry music, your fix would be to create a playlist of music that inspires you and makes you feel happy.
  • If your fix was turn to alcohol or drugs, your fix would be to find something else to district you like a hobby.
  • If your fix was to be alone (or with others) then your fix would be to be with others (or to be alone).

Get the point?