• Reprogram: Review, Edit, Replay



Just as one sets one’s intention for the day, one should take time to review and replay their day and make changes to the mental and emotional footage as needed.  This can be done once a day, or as many times as needed.  During breaks at work, or especially before going to bed.  Again, the more often a person practices the more often he or she will begin to see days flow more easily and what may also come across as more effortlessly.

The steps:

  • Go into some sort of meditation or zone.  Either as you hit a  rhythm while performing a routine, in a more traditional quite mediational type state, or just before you fall asleep.
  • Replay how your day has gone so far.
  • Give thanks for, and keep the “footage” you liked.
  • Delete the “footage” you didn’t.
  • Reinsert how you wished it would have gone instead.
  • Replay the new film in your mind.  As many, or as little times as you’d like.  That’s it.

Note: The more often, and consistently you incorporate this habit into your daily routine, the more you will begin to see your days play out as you see them.