• Set Your Intent


Just as a person sets a table in expectation to eat a meal, a person can set their mind what they would like their day to look like before it even happens.  

Picture it like this:  a repair person gets called from a client to come out and fix something that is broken.  Before the person can even help the client, he or she needs to gather some information about the problem, find out where the client lives, drive out to the location, assess with her or his own eyes what the problem is, and then proceed (using the tools and experience they have) to correct the malfunction.  Setting one’s intention for the day will look lot like this this process. 

First you will need to gather some information as to what you (as well as the people around you) expect to perform, or get done,  that day.  In most cases this will be what is on your calendar and/or on your to-do list.  Next, you will need to gather the tools you’ll need in order to perform these tasks: an open mind, discerning mind, determination, perseverance, flexibility, patience, alertness, the ability to problem solve, being comfortable in the uncomfortable, taking on a certain demeanor or attitude, etc.  Next, you visualize when you will be performing these tasks and with what tools. Then you actually go throughout your day and perform them. Like anything in life, sometimes things will go the way we planned and pictured them, and many times they will not.  That’s where having many tools in your physical, mental, and emotional tool box pays off.


  1. Starting your day by looking at your calendar and/or to-do list.  
  2. Think about what tools you will need to perform each task.
  3.  Take a few minutes to close your eyes and mentally run through your day pictureing how you would perform each task to peak performance.  
  4. Replay this visualization in your mind as little, or often, as you’d like.  

Note: the more you practice this technique, and the more you will start seeing them play out in your reality.