Being Content With What You Already Have


Yesterday I just told you to let your imagination run wild and dream about the future.  I also said to keep that dream in the forefront of your mind as a goal that you can reach, and/or as a reward you can start to give yourself for having done all of the hard, tedious work of cleaning up your subconscious energy field.  Yet today I am also going to tell you  to be content with what you already have.  I have heard many “light workers” talk about leaving people behind who “did’t match their energy field.”  I have heard them talk about moving to different states and only working with their “dream clients.”   But I’ve also heard of others, (who do not label themselves as light works) who after obtaining great success and wealth, went back to where they were from (into places of brokenness and violence and poverty)  and began fixing what needed to be fixed there.  This experience didn’t just turn their own lives around, but the lives of everyone who live in that community.

As I began the diligent work of clearing my own inner emotional energy fields, as well as began to focus on improving my own physical living spaces and environment, I found that (almost magically), others around me (and other environments I went into: such as the workplace, or other houses in our neighborhood),   began to change their physical appearance into a more pleasing place to be as well. 

Ask yourself:  What is one small habit I can take on today, that if I do it consistently overtime, will have a large impact later?

Note: I considered giving examples here, but then I concluded that looking up the term “life hacks” in your free time would be the best option.  Then you can pick and choose the one that could most easily work for you.