5. Get Comfortable in the Uncomfortable


Getting comfortable in the uncomfortable may sound as if I am contradicting the statement of deleting as many negative experiences as you can and insert as many positive ones as possible.  Yet how much uncomfortability one will have to face, and get through, will be dependant upon how many shadows, nightmares, and garbage one has gathered into their subconscious and energetic fields. Visualize, if you will, the difference between clearing up a local neighborhood park where there may only be a few pieces of garbage lying around vs. arriving at a landfill and being told one has to find a way to get rid of all of that garbage and turn it back into a beautiful park.   Some of us will have more work than others, and at first this can seem overwhelming and tedious and cause one to shut down, but consider the alternative: continuing to add to the landfill and having to live in a toxic dump for the rest of one’s life vs. doing the work and ending up in a dream location.  


Consider getting a frame, or creating a collage on your computer of the dream location you would like to end up once the cleaning up of your subconscious, emotional and mental energy field is cleared up. Think about what your dream home would look like.  Who would be in that home with you.  Where that home would be located.  What you would do for a living, even if no one paid you for it.  What you would do with your free time.  Let your imagination run wild.

 Also note that specific strategies and habits one will need in order to access highest possibility states will be covered in the next section: Habits needed in order to access highest possibility states.