• Awake and Aware



Often times I am amazed at how many people just seem to walk throughout their surroundings almost unaware of anything, or anyone, that may also be in their physical space.  You can see this as they actually  bump into objects, or other people.  You can hear this as when someone asks them a question they answer  back, “huh? or what?”  Being awake and aware simply means to pay attention; and, to pay attention to everything!  Your body, your physical surroundings, your thoughts, and the emotions you are having with each experience.  More often than not, young children are fabulous at this!  Their wide eyes and curious nature want to explore everything using all of their senses!  Yet even this is being threatened as many parents are placing electronic devices into their child’s hands younger and younger ages.  And adults are no different.  Rather than exploring the world on our own, and making our own decisions, we let people in our physical word, as well as our electrical ones tell us what we should do and how we should think and interact with the world.   Sometimes this is a good thing.  Other times it is not.  

Being able to access quantum states, vibrations, or higher states of possibility, is dependant upon one’s ability to determine whether or not each thought, each feeling, each interaction is making you more or less happy as well as more or less functional.  And this can not happen unless you are 100% plugged into your experience rather than simply letting each experience wash over you.  Because even though we’d like the world to revolve around us, it doesn’t.  Our happiness is often dependant upon the happiness, and functionality,  of those around us.  And the closer they are to us, the more this becomes true.  With that said, you are not going to make everyone around you happy or functional.  It’s not even your job to.  It is their job to do it for themselves.  You can however ask yourself how your thoughts, actions, and  decisions are not only helping you, but also helping those around me make better decisions. One can only do this, however,  if they are first aware of how their own actions and decisions are affecting themselves.  This ability to process can only happen by being awake and aware, by pay attention to everything around you: your body, your physical surroundings, your thoughts, and the emotions felt with each experience.


Consider: Work on deleting as many negative experiences as possible from your life and keeping as many positive ones as possible.