• Flexible and Functional



Accessing higher states of possibility is a lot like life.  Some days will go according to plan, while others will not.  Some days will be a blissful experience, while many others will be mundane.  And while I hope there are are far and few between, some days may even be traumatic. So the next tools needed, in order to access the  highest quantum vibrational fields, are the ability to be flexible and the ability to recognize what makes you more or less functional.  These tools are similar to having to create something (like a recipe or piece of art) or having to fix something that is broken.  Sometimes the creation, or fix, will go as planned.  Many times there is one or more stumbling blocks a person has to get past in order to achieve success which takes that flexible and problem-solving mind to fix.

So how does one determine if the solution worked?  When it comes to trying to create something new, or when it comes to fixing things, you just have to try it out.  Many times, you’ll just know.  But when the answer isn’t  obvious, ask yourself:


  1. Does this bring happiness?  Does this bring me and others around me joy?  Yes?  Great!  Move onto question two.  No?  Try again.


  1.  Does it give me, and others around me, more or less energy?  Yes? Great!  Move onto question three.  No?  Try again.  Now, with this said, sometimes our frustration levels can become too high when we have tried creating, or fixing something, over and over and it still doesn’t work. When our brains become too frustrated, the chemical in them actually start shifting and switching back to a more “animalistic” type state where it begins to go more into a fight or flight response and is literally unable to calmly and rationally problem solve.  When this is the case, take a break (for at least thirty to sixty minutes) and try again later, after you have calmed back down.  


  1.  Is this making me, and others around me, more or less functional? If yes, great!  Keep doing it!  If the answer is no, then the obvious solution would be to say to yourself, I am grateful for having had this experience, for it is showing me what I don’t want.  Then try having a new thought or experience that will give you a YES for all three questions.


As you go throughout your day, ask yourself:



  • Did this experience, thought, words, action bring me and others happiness?
  • Did this experience, thought, words, action give me and others more or less energy?
  • Did this experience thought, words, action make me, and others around me, more or less functional?