• A Will that Wants to Learn & Work


Accessing Personal Best Possibility States (through accessing quantum fields)  is a lot like learning about (and being able to perform)  anything new.  


First, one needs to know about the tools and the vocabulary associated with what one is trying to learn, along with how to use those tools.  

Next, that person needs to start with the basics, practice, and master one level at a time before he or she can move onto the next.  This also means that success won’t happen the first time a person tries.  It means doing the task incorrectly, awkwardly, clumsily, and frustratingly, all while still having willingness, desire, and persistence to keep going until success is finally achieved.  It also means that this is a journey, not a one and done shot.

And yes, for some people accessing these states will be more easy than for others.  But as a teacher of twenty years, I can tell you that anyone in any class can learn any material.  The only difference between those who succeed, and those who fail are this:  

  • One–they have a genuine interest in wanting to learn the material.
  • Two–they practice doing so over and over and over again.  
  • Three–they try to figure out how to overcome stumbling blocks that are standing in their way, rather than sitting down in front of them in defeat.  

The only question a person needs to ask themselves when they feel like surrendering is, how badly do I want to move from where I currently am to where I would much rather like to be?  I am not going to lie to you.  Accessing Personal Best States does take work.

Ask yourself: What did I learn today that can help me access a better state than what I was in yesterday?