• An Open and Discerning  Mind



For many years I lived in an age where computers, internet, video games, tablets, and cell phones didn’t exist.  What I knew of my world was limited to the physical places and spaces I was in and the people who were in them, which (more often than not) looked, thought, and acted similar to how I did.  And when someone new, from a far away place, came into our world, it was considered exotic.  Many times these “different people” were accepted, but sometimes they were not.  

I was first exposed to computers in high school, and the internet was just getting started by the time I was a junior in college.  It was the first time I could sit down at a computer and have a conversation with a person I didn’t know…that I couldn’t’ see…that I could only judge based upon the words and grammar they used, rather than their age, gender, or color of their skin.

It wasn’t until 2013 that  I  really start using Apps and websites to share my ideas and  reach (not only friends and family that lived far away), but also other strangers that lived around the world.   In addition I was also able to see,  in real time, what their lives were like as well.  Even my sons’ video games give them access to playing with, and working collaborating with,  strangers from around the world who complete campaigns and tasks assigned together as a team.  They also use headsets to talk to each other in order to share ideas, not only about how to beat certain levels, but also to get to know each other on a more personal level.  And while I had found that access to all of this cool and  has opened up my eyes to new ways of  thinking and looking at and interacting with the world, I also found that access to all of this real time, vast information could also be just as confusing and depressing as there was a danger in comparing myself to others and in wondering what is the “right” and “wrong way” to think? to act like? to live?   For now when things get posted people can judge and comment on them.  Accessing quantum (or personal best possibility states)  is similar to surfing the internet,  exploring other technological advances, or learning anything new for the first time.   It takes an open and discerning mind that must understand the intention for its use, as well as the effect it can have upon one’s own psyche and life.