Accessing quantum states, or higher states of possibility,  is a lot like moving.  Before you can move from one house, or state, into another, you have to pack up, and clean up the old one first.  Next, there is the search for your next dream location, and enlist an agent that will help you through the process most of us are unfamiliar with.  And with that comes the tours–checking out possible places you wish to reside in.  This  often means creating a physical, or mental list of pros and cons each place provides.   Finally  a decision is made; yet,  the work is far from over.  Just before moving in many people choose to tailor the house to their own needs which requires spending many days and lots of energy checking things out, painting, and maybe even completing a few, or many, minor, or major, remodeling projects.  

Even after moving day, there are boxes to be unpacked and the items in there put away.  Then, and only then, do people finally feel content at slowing down and settling in for a while.  But one thing I’ve learned about being a homeowner, and a spiritual seeker, is that while it is good to settle in, it is never good to get too comfortable. After a while, the paint fades and chips, faucets drip, things get dirty or break, and weeds in the yard can get out of control if one is not observant and diligent about upkeep.  Working in, and with, the quantum field (or fields of higher states of possibilities)  is no different.  It is NOT a one and done thing.  It is something that takes being open to new ideas, dreaming, researching and learning and seeing all options available.  It requires packing up and cleaning up the old field before you move onto the next.


It requires knowing who is on your team that can help  find a new location, but who can also help when it comes to the actual moving day.  Finally it takes patiences, endurance, and intentional daily habits that  will help keep the place you moved, or shifted,  into looking and feeling its best.