An Introduction to Accessing Quantum States:  By Jennifer Engel

I’ve never been a very good writer. In fact, in high school, I used to get Ds and Fs on my papers. But there was one paper I got an A on – What is the Meaning of Life? That question, along with, Why are we here? Are questions that transcend time, place, and culture.
I can still remember the final sentence I used in that paper to this day: The answer is, “I don’t know.” Come back in twenty years and ask then. Perhaps I’ll have it figured out. Well, It’s been almost thirty years, and since then I have experienced much that life has to offer: broken and failed relationships, losing myself and others, medical traumas, the joys and challenges of marriage, house buying, and having children. The constant search of trying to find and capture the elusive magic in life by combing through great religious texts, and diving deep into current scientific theories. This book is a culmination of everything I’ve learned throughout those experiences. And while I may not be able to answer why we are here for everyone, I think I have been able to come up with an answer for myself.
We are here to make ourselves and others more functional, and to try to obtain happiness and freedom as we do so, but how we do that is as unique as a recipe as each one of us. And while I am about to share my own unique recipe, which in reality is still, and I am sure will always be, a work in progress, the goal of this book is to help you find your own.
Many of the ideas are not new. That is something one finds when one reaches certain places deep within consciousness. It is simply that someone is discovering these concepts for the first time for themselves. But how we experience them is where the infinite number of possibilities come in.
As you read, you may come to find that the way I experience the world is through a combination of spiritual mysticism, combined with the larger picture of scientific concepts and how, when all of these concepts are mixed together, seem to apply to the human experience. It is a concrete-sequential manual for how to access and experience abstract mystical ideas and concepts. And I will be the first one to admit to could be complete bullshit, and that is where you (the reader) comes in.
Take what makes sense to you. What makes your life more functional and content, and lose the rest. Better yet, discover your own manual for what makes you more functional and content.

Peace and Blessings!