A Random Poem About Dreams and Reality 


I’ve been having dreams in the night

That I am other people–again.



a man in a relationship with a woman

Relieved when it finally turned to friendship

For I did not love her in that way,

But my feelings of friendship grew stronger

Once the romance ended.



A young boy living in dilapidated conditions

Trying to be killed or injured

By being run over by a train or car

By his father.

Taken to the hospital

And left–abandoned


Are these past lives,

or simply where my shadowselves live…

in dark, broken, melancholy  places

asked to absorb sin for others,


like the dream I had in high school

standing in a field of ash –

cremated bodies…

from the holocaust?


Or are these places deserved darkness

from having produced some sort of my own sin?  


In my dreams I have been:

 Polynesian, Jewish,

Black, Native, and myself.


I have been

Men, Women, and Children.


Yet, once in awhile, I find myself

In beautiful, wondrous places:


Peaceful, purple nights by the ocean,

Greeted by majestic creatures from the sea.


Playful, fields of green

learning how to fly.


A big me, standing on a small world,

Staring at the star-filled sky.


These are the visions I have in the night.


Yet, I have different visions during the day:


Deep in meditation I see

Beautiful garden islands

Similar, yet different to Neverland.


Royal cities with roads of gold.

Castles and throne rooms and banquet halls,

in which I am invited into each morn.


Around a large table

Twelve figures sit

Four more significant to me

Than others:


Sacred mother at one end

Sacred father at the other

Brother truth to my left,

Sister wisdom to my right.


We toast with water that someday

All will return back to balance:

To honor, to courage,

To truth, to wisdom

To compassion, to peace.


Then they send me back out

Into current day reality

Where everything seems to be

A wild, weird combination

Of daydreams, and night.