Today’s writing, or reading, since I am going to do this on Facebook live under my “Inspire Page” which I created to share my thoughts now how I see the world, because I think I do see it pretty differently than many. And people can take or leave my words, that’s fine, but I think WE, not just me, are encouraged to share our perspective of the world because seeing the world, or a situation, through multiple perspectives gives us the whole picture and allows us to understand how to best deal with whatever reality may bring us.
Also, today’s writings may seem to ramble, but I felt I needed to clarify some concepts for those who may have never heard me speak before, and instead of hearing rambling another way ancient cultures used to tell stories is through spiraling staring with the larger picture and spring to the point, which is what I do in today’s reading.
So, here we go, and as I tell my collages, take the information that serves you and makes sense to you and leave the rest. And I am going to read it word for word so that I spiral rather than ramble. And reading this gives me something to do while I wait for the Black Thursday store to open so that I can be the hands and feet of the invisible spirit on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Here we go, I call today’s reading “How to Emotional Demons Can Be Defeated”

One of the things I’ve been working with the Universe on is trying to understand the difference between shadow and light, dream we have at night vs. visions we have for our future during the day, some call this Spirit or God vs. Ego or the Devil. And what I’ve come to realize is “we are that, we are.” or “I am that, I am.”

Now, do I think that I am THE GOD or that you are THE GOD? No. But what I do think, which is actually a concept in many religious sacred texts is that we are a spark of that – 1 tiny missing piece of that force manifested into human form. “one part of the whole ‘body’, one tiny piece of the missing puzzle, so to speak.
And I think that light and dark, black and white, shadow and ego have very misrepresented by many. Many associate “dark” with bad and “light” with good. But what I have found is that there are elements of “good” and “bad” in both and it all comes down to how we see it, what we BELEIVE it to be is how it will manifest itself before us.
One thing in particular I’ve been working with the Universe in understanding (because this is another Biblical concept – seek an ye’ shall find) is what are dreams? And there are two types of dreams, right? Dreams that happen in the night, in the “dark” and day dreams – dreams that occur in the light.
I’ve been really buying into a concept that we have/are that spark of God manifested into physical form, which means that we have the spark to create much of our own reality. The first step in doing so, I have found then, is to take responsibility for the realities (past and present) that we have created. And once we do that we are better able to understand how and what realities we want to create for our future.
One of the misconceptions I’ve been working on clearing is that if I do my emotional tooth brushing (explain) and my reprograming (explain) and having my weekly or daily dialogs with my Spirit or vibrational self or God or whatever you want to call it, then my dreams in the night, in the dark, will also be “heavenly” and show me where I am going once I die. For that is another concept I believe in – that this reality is purgatory, which is partly why we have a split mind— we are trying to determine which way we want to head, towards heaven or towards hell, which is also a confusing, and are often misrepresented concepts. For the other reason why we have a split mind isn’t the war within ourselves in which we are either in our “right creative mind,” which is often the compassionate part of ourselves, vs. the “war with our left mind, or analytical selfish parts of ourselves” but because we need to see the whole picture, which is a lot of what the right side of our brain is created to do – which sees the whole picture and the left side of our brain which is created to see all the minute details in just one piece – It’s kind of like the right side of the brain is the architect who can design and create and see the whole building vs. the engineer who has to actually build it and and ensure that it the building doesn’t fall down and that all of the elements within the building actually function the way they are supposed to.

Okay – back to the misconception I’ve been working on “clearing,” which is that if I do my emotional tooth brushing (explain) and my reprograming (explain) and having my weekly or daily dialogs with my Spirit or vibrational self or God or whatever you want to call it, then my dreams in the night, in the dark, will also be “heavenly,” which they have not been, and this has been very confusing to me. So, of course, I’ve been asking the Universe lots of questions. And here is my understanding of the answers I’ve been getting back, which could be false, but that seem to make sense to me.
Our dream in the night is our subconscious – things we burry in the shadows that we don’t have time to deal with during the day. They are our current and past issues that may be getting in the way of the visions and dreams we have for ourselves during the day, which are where we want to go. So nighttime dreams are our past issues we haven’t resolved/solved that keep getting in the way of, being road blocks to where we want our future to go. And people who are ready to interpret them, see them, deal with them, figure out how to clear or work with them, are those who remember their dreams. People who want to keep those issues in the dark, are those who don’t remember their dreams.
Now, just before I went to bed last night, I watched the new Justice League movie in which superhero always fight the big bad guy, right? So whatever we see around us, weather “light” or “dark” we have created with the materials that we have given our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves to work with. For example:
Our physical bodies represent the foods and exercise we have (or have not) given to it. Our homes, and work spaces, our physical surroundings represent the physical time we have (or haven’t) give towards its care and maintenance.
Our minds reflect the pictures and sounds we have feed it. And if we’ve feed it mental junk food, than that is what we are going to hear and see in both our night time and day time dreams. And the junk food will represent unhealthy thought patterns which will lead to unhealthy emotional and physical states.
Our emotions reflect our beliefs which often stem from our thoughts and our experiences that we’ve had with the physical world, which we have created based upon the materials we’ve allowed (or not allowed) ourselves to use.
Now, with that said, we are co-creators and we co-exist with other creators so our worlds are this blend and overlap of our creations which sometimes harmonize and other times create chaos or disharmony, which is why we need to be aware of who we hang with and why.
So, if the dark, and the light, manifest themselves with the physical, mental, and emotional building blocks then we have a choice: take in and choose only the best materials to build with – fix and repair things that are broken and ugly or don’t. It’s that simple and that complex all at the same time, because as anyone knows who has taken care of anything (a car, a garden, a home, a room, a person, a pet) it takes work. It takes dedication. It takes endurance. It takes patience. It takes compassion.
Now, I am going to leave you with this last thought that came to me in a dream last night where I was dreaming that something dark was coming, and that if we, the person it was coming after didn’t change, it would consume them, which again probably didn’t come from some spiritual rhelm, but simply by replaying parts of the movie I watched last night in my head…so, if the person didn’t change, the dark, demon beings would consume them, BUT if they did change (took in good building materials and built good things in themselves and in and around their lives) then the dark beings would leave them alone. Now, what I found interesting in my dream is that I bought a puppy, which I’m actually a cat person, so that didn’t make sense, but I think what hte Universe was trying tell me is that defeating the big, bad, dark demons that we may have created in our shadows based upon what we had allowed into our mind and emotions in the past can be defeated not by having some huge battle as our super hero keep showing us we have to do, but they can be defeated by simple, small acts over time – such as turning our attention away from only ourselves (which we do need to give to ourselves because if we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t take care of others), but we need to balance the attention and energy we spend ourselves with balancing and turning our attention to others – and others could simply be an animal, a child, a spouse, a work worker, a family member, a community.
The darkness can be overcome by one simple, small act of taking care of a puppy.


I hope this message has shown some light into your world, so that you can use your own light and shine it into others.

Peace and Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!