While women may have the power to create life and death with a single glance, or with their words and actions, she only has that ability to do so with what she is given. Therefore if she is given life and love, that is what she creates. At the same time if she is given sickness and lack, than that is what she creates.

A younger woman seeks these ingredients for creation outside of herself . Demanding others to give her what she lacks. An older woman (or an awakened woman) realizes, like Dorthory from Oz, that all the ingredients she needed has been inside of her all along. This is why Awakened women may scare some people, especially their partners. An awakened woman realizes that she doesn’t have to have someone in her life in order for her, or her life, to be complete. She, and her life, are already perfectly complete. Some awakened women may choose to leave their current situations in order to find and connect with others whom she feels matches this new realization. But a wise awakened woman (as long a those around her are not causing her real physical or emotional harm) will choose to stay where she is in order to help others around her discover their own completeness and personal power(s). In addition, a wise woman knows the line between who, and who isn’t awake, is not so clear cut. A wise woman only judges and measures how she’s doing on her own journey. And while she may be there to help assist others on theirs, she allows them to have their own—without judgement.

While a woman who is in the process of awakening may also gain wisdom, a juxtaposition of sorts may also be happening at the same time —a return to innocents. Where relationships turn from need and greed and self-fullfillment, to playful and platonic and participatory. A wise awakened woman sees others the way children see each other—full of possibility. And for those who are willing to join her in this platonic play, without expecting anything else in return, they will be the ones lucky enough to see what magic she holds inside of her and be able to create dreams and spells and imaginative, playful adventures together.