I am going to take a bit of a break today from talking about how to become a sorcerer and talk about the role of women, especially older women in society.

One thing that has really plagued me ever since developing breast cancer and becoming a survivor is how much I was made aware of how this disease is effecting women—
approxiamaly 1 in 8 will develop it in her lifetime (breastcancer.org). Why are so many women getting sick? And I believe that while there are environmental factors that play a role (hormones in animals that provide dairy and meat, pesticides, etc.), I also believe there is a spiritual root cause as well. This morning I stumbled across a book entitled, “Turing Points and Transformations: Essays on Language, Literature, and Culture” Edited by Christine DeVine and Marie Hendry (Cambridge Sholars Publishing, 2011). And from this book came these thoughts: “From the earliest times people feared women because they thought they had numerous powers to to make words come true…They possessed a kind of divinity that is afforded to Christ. This same power was Christianized under it’s Greek title, ‘Logos,’ ‘the power of the word.’”
The essay goes on to address why women were called crones and witches, with out her consent. As a woman’s natural cycle ends, she transforms from a maiden to a matron, to one who knows about life cycles to one who understands endings. She begins to understand what transforms us from function more like animals to that which causes us to function more like conscious human beings. She becomes expression realized and fulfillment of cycles, knower of all things. In tribal times, she was the one who ruled. All of which makes her a threat to the oppression many patriarchal religions and societies offer. So she became the target of derision and mockery. Diminish her power by making her first a whore and then a witch. But since older women (Crones) can no longer be made into sexual objects, she is seen as useless, and if a woman doesn’t understand where her power truly lies, she can become ill because she feels that if her looks are gone then she has no more use to society. But what can make her powerful, and in some eyes dangerous, is if she discovers where her power truly lie: as teacher, guide, protector, provisioner, healer, initiator. This is why I keep my hair short. I found people wanted me to return to my youthful beauty, “When will you grow your hair back?” “Why aren’t you getting nipples?” I want to show people that my power doesn’t like in my looks. It lies in my spirit. And I intend to keep the new powers I found that cancer’s war on my body had left behind as a boon: teacher, guide, protector, provisioner, healer, and initiator. I want to teach others that these same powers lie within them as well. Hence, why I get up and write every morning and share how I see the world. It can a be a beautiful place if we want it to be. We just have to develop our spiritual sight which can see beyond what is into what could be.